June 17th, 2022

Welp another day in paradise. The body pains are going away, but the pain in my throat is more than making up for it. I could barely swallow this morning, but when I started eating breakfast it got a bit better. I spoke with someone yesterday about consuming things that actually help your body to fight of a sickness, rather than just dull your senses to it. He told me how Native Americans, whenever they were sick, would consume lots of raw ginger, honey (unpasturized), and maple syrup. Apparently it helped them get through the periods where there weren't many crops grown. So this morning I brewed a nice hot bottle of mint tea and poured in some maple syrup and lemon juice, I didn't have any unpasturized honey and couldn't find any raw ginger. This stuff tastes pretty rough, but in my mind that's how I know it's helping me.