June 29th, 2022

Hello, it's been a little bit. Not much is different since I last wrote desu. Work flow is the same, and still have a bit of an annoying cough. Maybe I had covid and my lungs are now damaged for the rest of my life, who knows? And I shouldn't say work is the same though, I have been veyr productive the last week doing all sorts of different things. Dealing with stolen and broken equipment by scrubbing through hours of video camera footage, dealing with broken TV's, installing a new AP, and helping individuals with tech issues. Overall a very rewarding work week

Close to the Edge by Yes is one of the best pieces of music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I could never do it justice by explaining it or why it makes me feel the way I do, so I urge you to go and do your ears a favour and give it a listen.