August 17th, 2022

We see mountains in their beautiful entirety off in the distance; able to see it and speak to it. However, we cannot get to know the details of the mountain from afar, only observe it as a whole entity. To truly appreciate it one must set out on a journey. You must gather yourself and your belongings and mentally prepare for the expedition. It may be a few days, weeks, months, perhaps years making your way to the top. However, once you reach the peak and see the world from above, you may find that you do not want to leave this mountain. You may have grown so accustomed to it that to even think about life off the mountain makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You will want to treat it with respect and build a life for yourself on this mountain top, should it have the necessary resources for you to live and thrive.

Or, perhaps in the first few weeks of the journey things are looking dire and you must leave it all behind. The mountain and its elements may be beating down upon you making for an awkward and drawn out climb with little success. If you continue on you may find dissatisfaction at the peak, with views that are muddied by clouds and fog. However, you will never know what lies ahead if you do not take that first step out into the unknown. Therefore, I urge you dear reader to remember that there is no harm in trying. If you see a mountain off in the distance and find yourself drawn to it, take a step towards it and find out if you can call that mountain home.

This was not about mountains.